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Nature's Dual Fuel


  • What is Nature's Dual Fuel?
    Nature's Dual Fuel is a dual purpose, plant-based food & fuel source perfect for campers, adventurers, and emergency or survival kits! You can eat it straight out of the bag, or use it to kindle your campfire or campstove.
  • What are the advantages of Nature's Dual Fuel?
    Nature's Dual Fuel has over 800 calories in each 5 oz. pouch and is small enough that you can pack it inside your pocket. Since it's flammable you do not have to carry heavy canisters of fuel or worry how much propane is left in a can or, if you use an alcohol stove, you don't have to worry about fuel leaking into your backpack. And what you don't burn you can eat! With Nature's Dual Fuel being dual purpose you're able to lighten your load and get MORE MILES PER OUNCE™!
  • Does Nature's Dual Fuel taste good?
    Yes - that's the point! Nature's Dual Fuel has a sweet deliciously nutty flavor!
  • Where would I use Nature's Dual Fuel?
    You can take Nature's Dual Fuel with you backpacking, camping, fishing, hunting, kayaking, hiking, biking, sailing, or rock climbing - just to name a few. It'll give you the energy needed to do all of your favorite activites!
  • Is Nature's Dual Fuel vegetarian?
    Yes! And each 800 calorie bag has 15 grams of protein. For complete nutrition facts, visit the product page in our store!
  • How do I use Nature's Dual Fuel to light a stove?
    Step 1: Sprinkle 1/4 tablespoon of Nature's Dual Fuel into your stove Step 2: Light Step 3: After your stove is fully engulfed with flame you can spinkle more fuel to continue the burn. For demonstrations, visit our How-Topage!
  • What if I have more questions?
    Visit our Contact page, and send us a message!
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